Transverse Cutting

Gresham Street, London – Not Just Demolition

Value engineering has always been at the very heart of the service we provide; using our knowledge and expertise to plan a project to be as time and cost effective as possible. With a wealth of skill and equipment we can also undertake additional services that may not fall into the category of ‘demolition’.

It is not unusual for General Demolition to complete large-scale strip outs such as our recent project at Gresham Street in central London; this was an 8 storey 100,000 square foot building requiring removal of all internal fittings and the roof plant room.

Unique to this project, however, was our involvement in the ongoing construction work.  The existing floor slabs were to be extended and required mechanical tying of the existing/proposed floor slabs in order to provide structural integrity.

The existing building, constructed in the late 1980’s, comprised steel frame with compositely designed beams working with a lightweight concrete metal deck slab.

The existing slab concrete topping was broken out, either to a specified area or as a series of channel cuts.  Existing metal decking and reinforcement mesh was retained, enabling lapping and tying in of the new floor structure.

Working closely with the concrete contractors and project engineer, WSL, templates were created so the areas of slab requiring site modification could be accurately marked out in spray paint.  Channels were cut at equal centres at up to 1.0m inboard of the slab edge using 3 phase diamond cutting equipment. Each channel was cleared to expose the reinforcement with lightweight hand operated Kangos and netting was used to catch falling debris.  Water damping techniques were utilised in order to control dust produced from the diamond cutting operations.

WSL Project Engineer, Paul Standing commented that the works were satisfactorily carried out using the mechanical breaking techniques, and would recommend General Demolition for future projects that may require similar techniques to be employed.